Mohawk Medical Mall Welcomes the “Riserva” Brand of Products

Mohawk Medical Mall is excited to welcome the Riserva Brand of Products.  

The brand Riserva was chosen for their product line of medical supplies because it is a name that is synonymous with prestige and quality. The name is referred to in the wine industry as the product produced from harvesting the best of the grape crop by hand, milling this selected product the very same day, and controlling the distilling process by none other than the master grower. The brilliant product produced from this personal involvement is reserved for the finest of clientele. It is the Riserva wine suitable for the discerning palate.riserva logo Mohawk Medical Mall Welcomes the “Riserva” Brand of Products

The purpose of the Riserva brand of medical products is the same goal as the master grower. Only select products are hand picked to earn the right to carry the Riserva label. Each product selected is judged for quality and all exceed the standards of the industry. In addition, Mohawk Medical Mall will assure availability of Riserva’s products and will confirm that their products will ship the very same day they are ordered. Also, like the master grower, Riserva pays special attention to the entire procurement process and will assure that a brilliant product is available for their customers. It will be the Riserva products suitable for the discerning palate. 

“Riserva. Suitable for the discerning palate!” is the slogan. It is their effort to satisfy the wants and needs of our customer, both current and soon-to-be, providing the customer with a product that exceeds their expectations. Riserva’s goal is to select products that offer benefits, features, functions and/or uses that fill the vacancies of products entirely missing from our market or are perceived to be inferior or lacking in some manner. Riserva will identify, hand select, and work to develop products that fill a gap due to quality, availability, and/or price. Once the need of the customers is identified, they will work diligently to provide a quality product at an acceptable price. 

Many of Riserva’s product line is now available for sale on our site including table paper, drape sheets, pillow covers, stretcher sheets, patient gowns and patient exam shorts.  Be sure to check back, new products are being added daily.  Click here to shop for Riserva Products.

 Mohawk Medical Mall Welcomes the “Riserva” Brand of Products

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Autoclaves – Applications and Safeguards

Just what is the function of that crazy looking pressure cooker that sits on a counter top in the back room of your physician’s office? The device is called an autoclave and is used to sterilize equipment and supplies. Meaning that after successful sterilization, the equipment and supplies are totally free of bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores and all forms of microbial life. Sterilization of equipment and instruments allows the products to be used by the physician from one patient to another without fear of cross contamination. Also, bio-hazard and/or contaminant material is often the by-product of the physician’s practice and it must be sterilized prior to disposal. Of course, the physician has various options of achieving sterilization, such as cold sterilization in the form of liquid glutaraldehydes, chemicals in the form of formaldehydes and simple boiling of the material but the most effective and efficient method of achieving sterilization is steam sterilization in an autoclave.

Invented in 1879 by Charles Chamberland, the autoclave is an electrically heated chamberTUTEZ10K Autoclaves   Applications and Safeguards (taken from the inventor) that produces steam as the sterilizing agent. The chamber is then brought under pressure enabling the steam to reach extremely high temperatures that has the kill strength to eliminate all known microbial life. This combination of temperature, approximately 250 to 270 degrees fahrenheit; pressure, from 15 to 30 p.s.i.; and duration of time, for approximately 15 minutes (or less in an instance of “flash” sterilization), can be altered based on the materials being sterilized, but results in a very quick and efficient sterilization.

The typical autoclave has three different program settings according to the items being sterilized. The settings are labeled “unwrapped” for products such as medical stainless steel instruments laid on a tray, “wrapped” for products that are in a wrap such as polypropylene bags (usually a process indicator is included inside the bag to assure that steam has penetrated the wrap for the correct time, heat and pressure and sterilization has occurred), and “glassware,” a bit of a misnomer because only heat resistant “glass,” such as Pryex or the equivalent, is able to withstands high temperature without breaking can be sterilized in an autoclave. But, regardless of the materials to be sterilized or the setting that is selected, it is important to note that the chamber is not to be packed so tightly that the steam, during the process, cannot penetrate every part of every item in the chamber.  

Once the operator has loaded the chamber with materials to be sterilized and has selected the program desired, it must be noted that inside the autoclave is a water pump that acts as a reservoir for either distilled or mineral free water that fills the chamber with the steam necessary to complete the sterilization process. The operator is responsible for maintaining the correct measure of water in preparation of the sterilization cycle and, it must be pointed out, that the use of water with impurities, not distilled or mineral free, may cause damage to the autoclave and possibly void the manufacturer’s warranty.

The latest models of autoclaves, such as the Tuttnauer EZ9 and Tuttnauer EZ10, are fully automatic and involve mainly these few steps of insuring that the reservoir has enough water, the correct program has been selected, and the chamber is not overfilled with materials. At this point, the only step left to do is to push the start button. The autoclave then begins, steam is produced in the chamber and maintained for the selected temperature and duration of time. At the end of this cycle, air is exhausted from the chamber through a filtered air release and a drying cycle then commences, and, at the end of which, the chamber doors unlock after a successful sterilization. In fact, the name autoclave is derived from the Greek auto meaning self, and Latin clavis meaning key, a self locking device.

We have discussed the basics of the table top autoclave but what are the assurances that we have complete sterilization and that we come to no harm or injury as a result of operation of the autoclave. There exist possibilities that the process has not given us complete sterilization of materials and various factors may contribute to this consequence. The two most prevalent causes of an incomplete sterilization is first, that the chamber has been overfilled with materials and steam has not penetrated all wrapping and products and, second, that the autoclave has malfunctioned.

Complete sterilization must be monitored and may be ensured in various ways. As mentioned, process thermal indicators placed inside packages in the chamber during the complete cycle will only change colors when a total process of temperature, time, and pressure is achieved. Monitoring devices are available, such as a Bowie-Dick test pack that replicates a wrapped bundle with an internal process indicator, and commercial vials of living spores can be placed in the autoclave during a cycle and checked to assure the kill power of the autoclave.

In addition to the monitoring of the sterilization process, it is important to perform routine maintenance on the autoclave and have the autoclave performance tested by a professional service company that will certify your autoclave. This is the first step in assuring both sterility performance and in providing a safeguard for individuals operating the autoclave. Safeguards continue with the fact that each manufacturer provides operational manuals and safety manuals with the purchase of the autoclave and it is imperative that all operators of the autoclave read and understand the intricacies of the autoclave they are using. In addition to reading all manuals, the operator of the autoclave must consider the following safeguards: Pack the Autoclave correctly, Select the correct setting for the materials to be sterilized, Fill the autoclave with distilled water, Assure that the doors have closed securely before starting the cycle, Do not unpack the autoclave before the sterilized products have sufficiently cooled, and Wear protective covering such as masks, gloves and aprons when operating the autoclave.                       

Maintaining these safeguards and adhering to proper operating Protocol makes the Autoclave a irreplaceable tool in the daily operation of a well-run physician office.

 Autoclaves   Applications and Safeguards

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The Origin of Modern Surgical Instruments

The story of the modern surgical instrument originates over 100 years ago during the late 19th century and early 20th century as contemporary science sought a solution to the universal problem of the rusting and pitting of metals, including medical instruments used by contemporary practitioners.

Scientists from around the globe turned their attention to the problem of discovering a metal that would withstand the ill effects of weathering and specific acids common in every day solutions that weakened products and rendered them unusable through corrosion and oxidation. Scientists, working collaboratively and independently, tested an array of alloys with basic iron, searching for the perfect combination that would resist corrosive elements. A breakthrough occurred, after much trial and error, when a combination of iron, 10.5% chromium, and a reduction in carbon, below 1%, produced a steel that resisted the ill effects of various acids.

In 1913, two scientists in particular, Harry Brearley and Ernest Stuart, dubbed the alloy they had produced “Stainless Steel” after testing their combination of alloys in a vinegar solution and discovering under a microscope that it was without the “stain” of oxidation.

By the late 1920′s, Stainless Steel products were under production for all industries, from the girders of vast bridges to the stainless steel of the surgical scalpel. In fact, at this same time, mass production added a chapter to the modern surgical technique of “One-Use” disposable blades and lancets that greatly improved the strength and sharpness of both products.

Further improvement became the main focus during the next quarter of a century. Precision and delicacy of instrument combined with consistency and reliability of products were the targets of all new designs. Instrument manufacturers produced a steady stream of surgical instrumentation that fit the hand of the surgeon, and thereby, improved surgical technique but the quest continued for surgical tools that would aid the performance of delicate operations and stand up to the rigors of exacting tasks with enhanced precision, strength and versatility.

Earlier, in 1781, a scientist by the name of Carl Scheel, had discovered a method of producing tungsten from various ores, mainly Wolframite, that produced a very hard product when mixed with carbon.  Few applications were produced from this discovery until the onset of World War II, when both sides sought improvements to weaponry production. Immediately this tough new material solved the problem of metal under stress that could crack, deform or even crumble. Tungsten Carbide was an extremely hard material, a 9 on the Mohs scale, with only diamond achieving a score of 10, but it was relatively easy to produce, modest in price, and it resolved numerous issues of strength and reliability.

After the war, when demand for Tungsten Carbide had eased, many new and innovative uses of this wonder metal arose. Drills for the mining industry, tools for the milling industry, and many other products that needed durability, strength, and reliability were turning to Tungsten Carbide over steel and other materials, such as titanium, both mainstays prior to the war but were soon replaced with Tungsten Carbide.

Manufacturers of surgical instruments were no exceptions to the rule as uses for Tungsten Carbide instruments in the surgical arena emerged. New instruments could now be developed more durable than ever and the life of the instrument increased dramatically. Products became virtually indestructible, sharper, in the case of cutting instruments, and the cut produced was now more reliable. Those same instruments retained sharpness longer and the nicks and pulls of the cutting blade were eliminated. Hemostats, forceps and needle holders were now designed more delicately and minutely with increased serrations that eliminated slipping, held its form longer, and, like all Tungsten Carbide instruments, withstood the heat and pressure of multiple high-temperature sterilization. Additionally, products such as Retractors, Rongeurs, and Rasps were designed stronger, performed better, and out-performed earlier designs that did not include the addition of Tungsten Carbide.

Today there are over 50 types of stainless steel. New components, such as Nickel and Molybdenum, add strength, flexibility, and attractiveness to the design of contemporary instruments. Tungsten Carbide adds durability to areas where instruments must not fail. Lighter instruments produced with Titanium offer flexibility and precision and yet, it is important to realize that innovation will continue and we will be rewarded with improved medicine and the benefits that result.

 The Origin of Modern Surgical Instruments

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Your Healthcare Holiday Gift Guide

Holidays are coming and that means it’s time for the drudgery of holiday shopping. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Investing a little creativity in your gift ideas can put the spark back into your holiday cheer.

Here are some creative ideas, courtesy of your friends here at Mohawk Medical Mall.

For the Pre-Med Student

The bills associated with being a medical student can get build-up quickly…so why not help that budding young professional get a head start?

Stethoscope Not only practical, it’s also a symbolic way to show your support. Send them on their way in style.

Protective Eyewear These X-ray glasses are designed for the fashion-conscious. They’re sleek, lightweight, and look great on anyone. Oh, and did we mention they have a professional shielding capability?

Gifts For the Elderly

We at Mohawk Medical Mall understand that choosing a gift for an elderly loved one can be difficult. We believe aiming for practicality and targeting their healthcare needs can show your love.

Pill crusher Do you have an elderly loved one who has trouble with routine medications and swallowing large pills? Crushing pills by hand is a strenuous task and can often leave jagged, uneven pieces that are just as uncomfortable to swallow. There is a variety of pill crushers available, ranging from simple to high-tech.

Power scooter For those who have trouble getting around, the gift of mobility can be the greatest gift ever. Power scooters are designed for indoor as well as outdoor usage. Each model features adjustable settings to provide the ultimate in comfort for the user.

Gifts For Your Favorite Hobbyist

We at Mohawk Medical Mall like to have fun just as much as the next person. Whether you’re a puzzle enthusiast, a jewelry maker, or a homebrewer, we understand that the more singular your hobby is, the more it may entail the use of specialized equipment that can be tricky to find. Some of our healthcare supplies can suit the specialized needs of the most fastidious hobbyist on your list.

Headlights Perfect for anyone who needs their hands free when they work. Ideal for mechanics or plain old car enthusiasts who love to get their hands dirty on the weekends, these adjustable lights that you wear will ensure your light is always focused on the area in which you’re working. They also eliminate the use hanging lamps, which can overheat and often do a poor job illuminating hard-to-reach areas.

Ring magnifier with light For that jigsaw puzzle hobbyist who is tired of squinting at tiny shapes and pictures. Also great for jewelers, knitters, dollhouse hobbyists, or anyone who works with miniatures.

Refrigerator thermometer with alarm Ask any home-brewer, temperature control of fermenting beer is key. A digital thermometer with alarm is designed to keep temperatures stable, and to let you know if they’re not.

Miscellaneous Gifts

Stuck on what to give? Have no fear. We’ve been there. Here are a few miscellaneous gift ideas for that person on your list – and there’s always one – who is impossible to shop for.

Portable first aid kit For first-time drivers or students going away to college. No car or dorm should be without one.

Tuning forks Got a fussy musician in the family? Let them tune up old school. These tuners never need batteries and are always right on key.

Sundry Jars Handy for storing a variety of items with simple, rustic charm. They look great on any shelf or kitchen counter.

Remember: A gift need not be elaborate. A little creativity goes a long way. Creative gifts can be the most rewarding to give. Happy holidays!

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8 Weight Scales to Promote Proper Health and Nutrition

Proper health and nutrition takes decision, focus and will power.  They are the result of perseverance and a holistic approach. Whether you are implementing a new fitness regime or trying to step up your meal planning, the proper scale is an indispensable tool to assist you in your quest.  The following eight scales can help you accomplish all you health and nutrition goals.

  • Escali Glass Body Fat Water Muscle Mass Scale – This 400lb capacity scale provides weight, body fat, body water, and muscle mass data for up to 4 users, and at a super-accurate 0.2 lbs / 0.1 kg graduation. The black tempered glass platform  makes this a beautiful and accurate choice for tracking your body’s progress.
  • Healthometer 499KL Digital Physician Scale – For organizations with demanding scale needs, this unit offers a 500lb capacity along with an intuitive, yet robust, user interface, as well as USB connectivity for EHR. Is battery operated, but has a power adapter available.
  • Healthometer 402KL Beam Scale - Sometimes a scale needs to be placed in an area where there is no convenient power source. Instead of having to run potentially hazardous extension cords everywhere, consider utilizing a beam scale. This unit offers a 390lb capacity (upgradable to 490lbs) and a graduation of 0.25lbs/0.1kg, and is available with or without a height rod.
  • Healthometer 175LBS Mechanical Dial Scale – The floor scale equivalent to the beam scale, this 330lb-capacity unit allows you to take measurements without the need for a power outlet (especially convenient in bathrooms of older buildings).
  • Escali Cibo Digital Nutritional Scale – Accurately measuring what goes into your body may be even more important that measuring your body’s progress. This 6.6lb capacity digital nutrition “Smart Scale” will display a host of nutritional values (including calories, protein, fat, carbohydrates, and more) for nearly a thousand different foods, as well as the overall nutritional value for up to 99 different meal components.
  • Escali Penduline Wall Mountable Digital Kitchen Scale – Finding space for everything in a kitchen is often a challenge, to say the least. This 6lb capacity, wall-mountable kitchen scale can help free up valuable counter space, and is especially handy for apartment dwellers. The folding tray mechanism means you can even mount it inside a cabinet or on a door.
  • Escali Mercado Dial Scale – These robust scales, offered in capacities ranging from 2lbs to 132lbs, are ideal for households where large meals are often prepared, and can even get the job done in a restaurant kitchen. They are available with or without a plate. As with the mechanical body scales, the freedom from the need for a power source means that you can place these units wherever is most convenient.
  • Healthometer 553KL Digital Pediatric Scale – Few people are more concerned with proper health and nutrition than the parents of an infant and a quality scale can prove a useful component of your baby’s health routine. This unit includes a well-designed weighing tray with upraised edges, to keep the little one secure and comfortable, as well as a large, easy-to-read LCD display. The on/off button is even waterproof in case of poorly-timed accidents. Rounding out the respectable feature set, the scale includes USB connectivity (for Electronic Medical Record-keeping), an included measuring tape, and a carrying case.

These are just a few of the many scale options available to you for your health and nutrition program. Mohawk Medical Mall has over forty different scales of varying types and designs from kitchen scales for weighing food to bathroom scales, to professional medical scales, even wheelchair accessible scales. Contact us for more information.

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Steam Autoclave Promotion

TUTEZ10K Steam Autoclave PromotionProper sterilization is a necessary part of many health care routines and a functioning autoclave is the best way to get the job done. For those who manage doctor’s offices, long term care facilities or even care for loved ones in their home,  Mohawk Medical Mall offers a wide selection of high quality autoclaves. We are confident that those in need of the sterilization power of an autoclave can find the proper combination of features and price to fit those needs.

We at Mohawk Medical Mall are also aware that buying an autoclave is a major outlay of money. To help ease the pain of this or any other purchase, we guarantee low prices, add no shipping costs to most Autoclave purchases and offer various promotions and rebates. Currently we are running two promotions on autoclaves that may make make the purchase of an autoclave easier on the budget.

Autoclaves on Promotion

From October 1st, 2013 until December 31st, 2013, the purchase of the following autoclaves includes either a sizable rebate or a free item.

  • Ritter M11 - this is a fully automatic autoclave. The easy to understand prompts make it easy for the user to program the temperature, time, dry time and venting speed. Buyers may choose either a $400 rebate or free M250 Ultrasonic Cleaner with this purchase.
  • Ritter M3 - this UltraFast Automatic Sterilizer can effectively sterilize instruments in 10 minutes or less. Buyers have a choice of either a $300 rebate or a free autoclave printer with this purchase.
  • Ritter M9 - one of the easiest to use autoclaves available. Simply load in items, choose the cycle and press start. Buyers may choose wither a $300 rebate or free autoclave printer with this purchase.
  • Tuttnauer EZ9 and EZ10 - these autoclaves feature one touch design and closed door drying. Buyers may choose either a $400 rebate or 1 gallon of ultrasonic cleaner.
  • Tuttnauer EZ10K - features a large 10 inch chamber and super fast sterilization, this may be the autoclave of choice for a large high volume office. Buyers may choose either a $400 rebate or a free gallon of ultrasonic cleaner.

We at Mohawk Medical Mall have many more autoclaves to choose from, all at the best prices available on line. Consider the Ritter M9D, a more economical, manual autoclave that still offers effective sterilization.  There are also many Tuttnauer models to choose from.

Tuttnauer Autoclaves

Tuttnauer strives to provide their customers with everything they need for effective sterilization and infection control. To this end they have created a large line of autoclaves and other sterilization products.

For those with a smaller demand for sterilization, Tuttnauer offers a series of economical autoclaves. The Tuttnauer 1730 Valueklave is compact and cost effective, the least expensive autoclave we offer at Mohawk Medical Mall, but still fast and effective. It may be the perfect choice for tattoo parlors or nail salons. The Tuttnauer 2340M is compact and easy to use while the Tuttnauer 2450M cuts sterilization time by 50%. Both the Tuttnauer 3870M and the Tuttnauer 3870EA are large models and may be best suited for high volume offices.

There are many reasons why an office, health care facility or home may need the sterilizing ability of an autoclave. We do not believe that because they are a necessity means that they can’t be affordable. We encourage those in search of cost effective autoclaves, or other medical supplies, to contact us at Mohawk Medical Mall. We have knowledgeable staff on hand ready to help our customers find the products that will meet their needs at the best possible price.

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 Steam Autoclave Promotion

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Dopplers: Summit vs. Nicolet

screen shot 2013 10 10 at 1.19.47 pm Dopplers: Summit vs. NicoletDopplers are medical devices designed to use the Doppler effect to monitor various parts of the body. Dopplers utilize probes with various MHz based on the use.  Dopplers with Fetal Probes are designed to view images of a fetus while Dopplers with Vascular or Arterial Probes or used for a real time analysis of how blood is flowing through blood vessels.

Once the decision has been made to purchase a doppler, a manufacturer must be selected.  Summit and Nicolet are two of the most popular brands.  At Mohawk Medical Mall, we have several options from each brand for a practice to consider when trying to decide which brand is right for their needs.

Types Of Dopplers

To determine which kind of Doppler is best for a medical office, the first consideration to make is which style of Doppler is required.  Both Summit and Nicolet make Dopplers designed for both vascular and fetal use.  There are also other differences to consider when thinking about Doppler types:  some are made to be handheld and come with a probe that is attached to a speaker and display unit, while others are full-sized Doppler systems that are attached to movable towers.  Select the doppler best suited to meet your needs.

Summit vs. Nicolet Product Differences

Surprisingly, there are not many key differences between these two brands of dopplers.  Both manufacturers offer similar levels of functionality.  Summit offers a base model along with a more expensive model with a display (L150 & L250). Nicolet does the same (Elite 100 & Elite 200).  However, Nicolet does offer a 3rd option, the Pocket Dop series which is well known and the standard in dopplers for many years.  Both manufacturers offer 2, 3, 5, 8 MHz probes as well as waterproof probes.  Both manufacturers feature a rechargeable battery option and a one year warranty.  Both also offer ABI options which have become increasingly popular in the past few years.

Regarding price, again there is not much of a difference.  Both Summit & Nicolet’s equivalent models are priced very close to each other.

Where customers will find a difference between the two manufacturers is the look and feel of each unit.  Summit units have a grey tint in color, oval shaped and the probes are thinner than the competition.  Nicolet’s are a white tint, more rounded shaped and feature thicker probes.

Another difference is in the offer of ABI dopplers.  As Ankle Brachial Pressure tests have recently become popular in the detection of heart disease, Summit has introduced ABI specific models, including their industry leading Vista ABI system. Nicolet has addressed ABI tests by offering an add-on module to their current dopplers to provide the additional test.  Our feeling is that this is customer preference and the decision should be made based on budget and the number of ABI tests performed in an office.


Rest assured that we at Mohawk Medical Mall have many Dopplers available for purchase, ranging from base models to fully optioned ones, as well as the leading manufacturers in the industry.  In our opinion, you should choose the model with the options that best fit your offices’s needs.  Then compare the various manufacturers for look and feel.  Still not able to decide?  Keep in mind that Newman and Huntleigh are also gaining market share as additional dopplers with other options.  Feel free to contact our customer service department for further assistance in your decision. 

Customers should check out Mohawk Medical Mall’s selection of Dopplers for more information to assist in finding the product that best fits their needs.

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Ordering Medical Supplies Online vs. Purchasing Through a Local Supplier

Anyone who’s ever been tasked with the duty of keeping a medical office supply shelf full understands the headaches that go along with the job.  Putting up with pesky sales reps, dealing with back orders and placing time consuming orders can be a drain on time and energy.  Fortunately, online ordering has made the process much more streamlined as compared to traditional methods.

That said, let’s examine the advantages of choosing an online source: 

  • It gives personnel the ability to “one-stop shop”

Online suppliers like Mohawk Medical Mall give healthcare personnel the means to order most or even all of their supplies online, in one place.  That’s because online retailers like us can stock virtually any product needed by our customers.  Most traditional vendors can’t, but our online presence gives us flexibility and capacity others don’t have. There’s no need to worry about redundancy or ordering in duplicate by accident either.  Personnel can simply visit one place online and get everything they need in a single order, making it much easier to keep accurate supply records.

  • It allows buyers to take advantage of competitive pricing

Ordering medical supplies through traditional means generally requires using known vendors that institutions have established relationships with.  Unfortunately, this means that competitive pricing is nonexistent since that vendor’s quoted pricing is usually just accepted.  By ordering medical supplies online, those ordering can check and compare prices online and find the best deals on supplies almost instantly.

  • It makes it easy to take advantage of special offers and other discounts

Online ordering of medical supplies allows customers the ability to comparison shop and take advantage of supplier’s special offers and other discounts.  While traditional avenues to ordering medical supplies may offer some discounts and special offers, the only way to know that these exist for sure is if a vendor gives that information to the buyer.  By ordering medical supplies online, buyers can easily research special offers and other discounts available and choose the items that best fit their needs that are on promotion or discount.  Mohawk Medical Mall offers extremely competitive pricing and discounts to its customers, making it one of the top suppliers online today.

  • It’s time-saving and convenient

On the job, time is money, and the longer it takes to order supplies, the less efficient personnel can be.  Online ordering makes it easy to fulfill supplies requests quickly, efficiently and frees up time to do other necessary tasks.  As customers peruse a site’s offering, all the information is at their fingertips.  No more waiting for your local sales rep to get back to you with info.

  • It saves money

With amenities like free shipping, discounts for ordering in bulk and competitive pricing, online ordering of medical supplies saves significant dollars over traditional methods.  In addition, online retailers like Mohawk Medical Mall have lower overhead costs and can pass the savings onto their customers.  Operating a medical office at lower costs is a necessity with all the changes occurring in healthcare today.

  • Shipping is door-to-door

The idea that large furniture or equipment should be ordered and delivered by a local company to reduce costs are over. Mohawk Medical Mall offers “No-Hassle” White Glove Delivery which includes delivery, install and packaging removal. Though an added cost, your local dealer faces these same costs and simply builds the delivery into the price of the product.  Also, there is no need to worry that supplies will not arrive in a timely fashion with online ordering.  E-tailers like Mohawk Medical Mall focus regularly on operations and logistics which result in low cost (most of the times Free), fast and correct the first time delivery.  Orders can easily be tracked by logging into your account.

Visit Mohawk Medical Mall today!

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Welch Allyn ECGs Compared

screen shot 2013 10 03 at 1.50.20 pm Welch Allyn ECGs ComparedAnyone that works in healthcare understands how essential cardio-diagnostic equipment, like an ECG machine, is for patient care and monitoring.  Here at Mohawk Medical Mall, we offer a number of options including models from Welch Allyn, a company that has spent a century refining the industry.  Welch Allyn offers a wide-range of ECG products that vary in both design and price.  Consider the pros and cons of each before making a selection.


With Welch Allyn products, the higher the model number, the more extensive the technological features.  This means the CP50 is the simplest to operate while the CP200 has the broadest range of characteristics.  However, there are some basic considerations for each model.  They all offer practitioners:

  • A color display – although size may vary by model
  • On-screen instructions
  • High-resolution thermal printer – except the PC-based unit

They are all available with non-interpretive or interpretation systems.  Starting at the CP100 level, the units also include a keyboard.  The CP50 and CP50 plus do not have a keyboard but do feature a touchscreen.


At its base level, the CP50 is compact and portable with one-button operation.  It comes with diverse connectivity options for EMR/EHR and even Telemedicine.  The advanced unit, or CP50 plus, adds an additional report format, external print port and password access.

The higher line units come with more advanced cardio-diagnostic equipment such as filtering, data storage and USB or Ethernet connectivity.  The CP200 takes the technology to the highest level.  This unit provides many of the same options as the others but includes a large color LCD screen, hot keys, spirometry testing and connects directly to the Welch Allyn CardioPerfect workstation.

Welch Allyn also offers a PC-based model that enhances operation for resting ECG measurements.  The programmable report formats print out on either an inkjet or laser printer.  This unit allows for the transfer of patient information automatically, so there is less time documenting the details, as well.

Making a Choice

The needs of the facility should dictate the most applicable model.  Clinicians that don’t rely on cardio-diagnostic equipment want something portable, cost-effective and easy to use in an emergency situation.  Units like the CP50, CP50 plus and CP100 have enough features to make them effective in this environment.

Offices that use this equipment as part of their regular diagnostic protocol and want to provide more extensive patient evaluations will want the high range of options including keyboard entry, data storage and advanced connectivity.

When time is a critical factor in diagnosis, the PC model is the most practical option.  It offers a complete 12-lead ECG on-screen evaluation to allow for faster review and interpretation.  It also connects to an optional SpiroPerfect Spirometer and Calibration Syringe for fuller diagnostic testing.

When it comes to cardio-diagnostic equipment, each office has different needs.  Buyers should evaluate their reasons for adding an ECG machine to the inventory and then make a choice based on that review.

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Home Healthcare Supplies: Must Haves for Alzheimer Patients

Alzheimer’s disease now ranks as the sixth leading cause of death, according to latest figures from the Alzheimer’s Association.  With better healthcare and a higher standard of living, it should come as no surprise that a disease which primarily affects the elderly is becoming more prominent in the media, as well as in doctors’ waiting rooms.

If you are a caregiver, spouse or a family member of someone who’s been recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, you may be wondering what’s next.  First and foremost on your mind should be the safety of your loved one.  As the disease progresses, you can expect physical changes caused by the mental changes. Here’s a listing of items we offer at Mohawk Medical Mall which will assist in providing care to your loved one or patient:

  1. Bath Safety Supplies – One of the first symptoms of Alzheimer’s is forgetfulness, affecting bathing and self-care. Your loved one may not want to risk getting into the tub or shower due to safety concerns.  This is where a portable bath step, to negotiate that often daunting lip into the shower or bath, can make the difference between a daily shower or none at all.  Consider adding grab bars to give your loved one a sense of stability.  When mobility becomes in issue in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s, having a shower tub bench chair to sit on can make bathing much easier, along with a handheld shower spray wand to access hard-to-reach areas.  These home care supplies can be shipped directly to you for as little as $8.00 or free shipping with orders over $100.
  2. Mobility aids - Your loved one with Alzheimer’s may need increasing assistance with getting around, especially if you can’t always be there with a helping arm to hold onto.  Mohawk Medical Mall offers a wide variety of canes to choose from, whether three-pronged models for increased stability or folding canes to stow away when not in use. As the disease progresses, your loved one or patient may have increased muscle weakness and instability of gait. You’ll be amazed at the wide array of walkers available, from lightweight walkers to rolling models with built-in seats and storage areas.  Of course, always make sure your patient or loved one is safe from fall hazards by performing a cursory inspection whenever you’re around, whether it’s a scatter rug in a high-traffic area that should be removed to a loose hallway carpet runner that needs to be tacked down.
  3. Patient Alarms - There is nothing more heart-breaking than news stories regarding Alzheimer’s patients who have wandered out of the home and have no idea how to get back.  If this is a concern for your loved one, especially when you’re asleep in the next room, consider a bed alarm, chair alarm or door alarm that activates upon opening and has a convenient on-off switch when the caregiver is awake.
  4. Pill Crushers - While researchers are working frantically to find a cure for this devastating disease, the medication treatment options available can only hold the disease at bay and/or reduce the symptoms.  In the early stages, your loved one should generally be accepting of medications; however, at some point you may need to consider crushing pills.  You can do this easily and quietly with the Silent Knight Pill Crusher.

Mohawk Medical Mall is here to help you with the challenges presented by Alzheimer’s so feel free to call and discuss how we can be of service.

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